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Live country music is a passion for many, and a great band that can get you dancing is an essential part of the experience! For these two-steppin’ honky tonk troubadours, country music is more than a trend; it’s a way of life that transcends urban and rural borders.
Whether taking in a colorful Kansas sunset or braving a Texas tornado, their music paints a vivid picture of the experiences that define them: hard work, love for their neighbors and country, and a desire to go hear STEEL SKARECROW play their favorite song on a Saturday night.
The members of STEEL SKARECROW not only love this music, but live it everyday of their lives! Anyone watching the band's performance will see from the first strum of the guitar,  a heartfelt expression of their genuine love for the genre and the audience feels it with every note. 
STEEL SKARECROW brings a fun, exciting, and professional show to every venue, leaving the audience feeling better than when they came in, and asking, “When can we see the band again?” They take pride in seeing their fans laughing, smiling, dancing, singing along, and having a great time. What sets them apart is the attention to detail, from their excellent musicianship and lead vocals to their stellar three-part harmonies. 
STEEL SKARECROW has been entertaining audiences for many years since forming in Wichita, Kansas. Steel Skarecrow is a four-member band that plays like a six-piece band, with bass, drums, electric and acoustic guitar, fiddle and steel guitar - expertly crafted to deliver a sound that is both polished and authentic. The band members are: Kurt Shobe, Kristopher Howell, Rollin Schmidt, and Mark Clemmons, who are not just bandmates, but also lifelong friends. Their music, known as “Dance Hall Revival,” combines classic and contemporary country music with red dirt, rock n' roll, and western swing to create a unique sound perfect for dancing. This band plays songs that will transport you to the exact place and time when you heard it for the first time. STEEL SKARECROW not only covers classic and modern country songs but also adds their own original songs to the mix. As passionate country music fans themselves, the band members enjoy performing just as much as the audience loves hearing them play. 
The band has released two albums and has charted on Texas radio with the singles, “Slippin' Sideways,” “Chasin' The Sunset,” and “Queen Of Memphis.” They are set to release their next single soon.  Steel Skarecrow is self-contained and travels with full production. The band has opened for top-tier acts such as Tracy Lawrence, The Bellamy Brothers, Cody Canada, and Eli Young. Their versatility and experience have allowed them to support well-known acts with ease.
STEEL SKARECROW will make crowds dance & tills ring, the exact reason they're asked back time and time again to play repeat performances at clubs, venues and opening at major concerts. Reliable and true, you always know what you're getting at a STEEL SKARECROW show. 
Singer and lead guitarist, Kurt Shobe, has been quoted saying, "Be a good person, be honest, have integrity, value and protect your reputation at all costs. Be someone that others want to emulate. Be able to sleep at night because your conscience is clear. I was the big brother, so I learned early what it means to be a leader. I am so thankful that after all the ups and downs, I can say we are still doing it!”

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