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About Us

Red Dirt Media is a cutting-edge artistic development company.

Located in the great Texas Panhandle, we provide our handpicked musicians with unique and forward-thinking management services.

We strive to produce the best content to help artists and venues increase their exposure in their community.


Promoting weekly LIVE Concert Events on our social media and providing helpful services to artists & venues.

(Helping Artists Build their Career's)

Focusing on TX Country, Red Dirt, Rock, Blues, and Americana music.

Bringing the entertainment to you!

Starting from...

The Top


The top of the Logo/hat symbolizes the great Panhandle of Texas, in which we are located and support the talented TX country, red dirt, rock, blues & Americana musicians & fans in the area.

The Brim


The brim of the hat symbolizes the protection from the elements. Whether it's giving you shade from the sun on a hot texas summer day, keeping you dry when it's raining outside, or gaurding your face from the strong Texas Panhandle wind. 

It also symbolizes the services we offer to our clients.

Media Management, Booking, Website Design & Promotions.

Just as the brim has you covered from the elements, we have you covered for every entertainment need.

The Mustache


The long western mustache symbolizes the deep roots of Texas Country Music. Filled with artists that are great story tellers.

Artists that tell meaningful stories that connect to their fans on a deep level.


Overall, our logo represents the uniqe sound of the proud genre that is Texas Country/Red Dirt Music in the Great Texas Panhandle.


Red Dirt Meda Logo Story
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