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With deep roots styled and sharpened in the hallows of the West Texas haunt of The Blue Light, Sal and the Stonewall Hippies are gaining traction with each and every performance. Stylistically falling somewhere between flatlanders and troubadour’s - imparting strife and life’s darker side, Sal and company drive to tug on the heartstrings of any lovers of the matic storylines and fan of tight pockets. Bluesy undertones and hints of grit and growth always shine brightly with each note of progress and reflection.

The most appealing aspect of Sal and the Stonewall Hippies are their ability to convey their message to everyone. A product of blended life experienced well lived, their music is honest and likely to be a gut punch for anyone who has struggled along the journey of life. Once described as versatile blues, no genre can capture the true nature of the sound being created by Sal and the Stonewall Hippies.

Taking heavy influence from classic blues sprinkled with acoustic storylines of reality, Sal and the Stonewall Hippies can best be described as a barefoot walk through a muddy riverbank at the end of a hot summers day seeking reflection and refuge.

Sonically taking keys from a melting pot of influences, Sal and the Stonewall Hippies continue to evolve their sound with each project, while remaining grounded. Should you be in the market for new music, Sal will definitely quench your thirst for the new and unique- straying away from standard tropes and fashioning their own brand of melodic harmony and a walk through life without rose colored glasses.

If you find yourself somewhere between the glass ceiling and rock bottom, Sal and the Stonewall Hippies will rise to the occasion and can certainly quench the pallet of any fan of music. Born through the lens of the neon mirage and imparting a constant evolution of a backbeat that parallels the rhythm of life.

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