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Hayden Lewis, a striving and upcoming country music artist, originally from Stamford Tx, Began writing and singing music at a young age and it quickly became his passion. The 21 year old now lives in Lubbock Tx, playing and spreading his music all over to as many people as possible, but not only in Lubbock, but all over Texas including Stephenville, Wichita Falls, Abilene, and the list goes on.

Hayden holds not only raw talent as an artist, but as a  performer. He leaves every show with comments like "you are the next big thing" "Your music is great" or "This town has not seen someone like you in a long time". Continuous comments like that are not only inspiring, but proof that he has capabilities to strive and succeed in this industry.


Hayden recently released his first single Black & White and six to eight song album to be released later this year.